AI value drop to 0 in few seconds after update EPIC firmware

Good day,

I having some problem on the AI point after updating the EPIC firmware to 3.3.2-b.93.
The AI point value will suddenly drop to 0 in 2-3seconds then return back to normal value within a randomly period.
Below are some example on groov view and ignition trending chart.

Both trending chart read from same sensor IO point. We didn’t meet this issue before until we upgraded the firmware. Maybe the module firmware is not compatible with the latest EPIC firmware?

Above half of the year, the system worked quite stable on sensor reading until yesterday. Please assist us to find out the root cause.

Thank you.

Hi there.

For this sort of problem, its best to contact out support team: support @ opto22. com
They will assign a tracking ticket number and work with you to resolve this issue.

There is also a newer firmware available for the GRV-IMA-24, Version 1.3b. You are using R1.0l.

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On the Ignition side, make sure you have the latest Cirrus Link driver as there is an update that prevents Ignition tag values dropping to 0 whenever communication is restored between Ignition and the controller.

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