Advice on how to run a hydraulic pump based on dio, best practive

Hi All,
Got a newbie question,
I have 3 hydraulic stages that occur on the status of inductive sensors, each stage after the other so one continuous strat, then it reverses

So it starts a stage by turning on the correct hydraulic valve Dio
this runs a t/f condition till the sensor is true then turns off the valve dio, then onto the next

My question is how do I manage a pump run command paired to the operation of the valve actuators.

Do I put an “and” instruction in the strategy blocks to turn the pump off and on as a separate instruction. I feel this would work but there might be a best practice for this , And I yet don’t know what I don’t know.

Grateful for any pointers.

Thanks Jeremy Nz

You could have a chart that looks at your valve outputs and if any of them are on (or logic), then turn on the pump, otherwise turn it off. Just be careful with your valve sequencing, if you turn one off before you turn the next on, it could happen where the pump would momentarily turn off which you may not want to happen.

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Thankyou Philip
I was stuck in a mental loop of attaching all my inputs to status flags 0/1 and running the chart of this,
Appreciate the tip re the sequencing, I think I can get around this buy adding a delay for the turn off.
The hydraulic pump will run against a relief pressure so there is no penalty for a short overrun to catch the jump from one sequence block to the next.

If you have non-simple digital outputs a quick way to do a delay before turning the pump off is to do a Start On Pulse command instead of an off command.