Adjusting temperature range on thermocouple

I’m just working at connecting some thermocouples (Type T) to a SNAP-AITM8 module. When I configure the points as being Type T thermocouples, the temperature values being returned are 3-4 degrees Celsius higher than what the actual temperature is (according to a thermometer).

When configuring the points, the temperature range is preset based on the thermocouple chosen and is not adjustable. I’ve played with configuring my Type T thermocouple as a Type S and so forth but I’m still not receiving accurate readings. I need more precision than this!

Anyone have any experience regarding this? Do I need to look at using a different module? Obviously I realize I could tweak the numbers in PAC Control by writing the values to a constantly updating variable and subtracting/adding a compensation value but I would prefer getting the correct reading initially rather than a “band-aid solution”!

Hi Arlen,

Check out Pac Manager, pull up your AITM-8 under inspect and then look at configure, I did this with some RTD’s I was setting up. If you search you will find alot of info on how to scale.