Adding Conditional Format Rule to Value Gadget

Hi all, I was curious if anyone knew a way to input a variable (from pac control) or a computed tag (from groov view) in a conditional format rule for a value gadget. I am trying to compare a value to a changing variable in order to turn the text red and bold.

I think the only way to do this is to create computed tags that perform the comparison (one would return true, the other false) and then use them in the visibility property of two separate value gadgets placed on top of one another. Each value gadget would then be set with the formatting you desire based on the condition.

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Conditional formatting on a Value gadget should allow you to do exactly that, unless you’re trying to change the appearance based on a different tag than the one you’re displaying the value of. Is that the case?

We don’t support additional inputs yet, unfortunately.

Conditional Formatting doesn’t seem to work on Floats, Int’s but will work on Analog Inputs and Analog Outputs