Accessing PAC Control variables from groov View

Hi all, I am trying to display some PAC Control variables in groov View. I am able to access/see them in groov View when I have a computer connected to the GRV-EPIC-PR1 through ethernet.

When I run the same PAC Control program via the groov EPIC itself, the program itself runs fine, but groov View doesn’t seem to display the PAC Control variables (still shows the IO from the groov). Is there a way to see the variables without having a separate computer connected?

Make sure that the PAC Control is set for localhost or
Make sure that groov View has the controller set for localhost or

Sounds like either or both of those have the real IP and so when you run it on the EPIC it cant find that IP.
Every application should be looking at localhost or so it will always run locally and not try and go out on the network to resolve a host name or remote IP address.


That solved my issue, thank you so much!