Accessing older chart files


I’m completely new to this and just started with my company, so please excuse my ignorance! We have a legacy product which was running under “Factory Floor”. My mission is to upgrade this product to upgrade to new SNAP PAC modules and port these old strategies/charts to work with the new PAC’s. I’m not sure what version these were written in - they have file extensions of “.cht” and if I try opening them in PAC Control Basic (free version) they are unrecognized.

Is there a way to determine the version I need to open these? And then, is that older version available?

Again, excuse my ignorance - thanks so much for the support!

Hello Mark,

Welcome to the OptoForums! Check out this [B][U]doc #1692 our FactoryFloor to PAC Migration Tech Note[/U][/B].

In general, when upgrading from a Factory Floor controller (like an LCM4) to a PAC Controller (like a SNAP-PAC-S or SNAP-PAC-R) you’ll need to first make sure you’re on FactoryFloor [B]R4.1[/B], then open that [I]strategy [/I](your program/logic, which includes a number of files, including those charts you mentioned) in PAC Control [B]PRO[/B] (not the free Basic one you mentioned). All this is described in the doc linked above. But there are some things you’ll want to consider/prepare (like making backups) before you do that…

In any case, also remember that our [B][U]product support[/U][/B] is FREE! and they’ve helped loads of people upgrade.

Could you tell us what hardware you have and want to switch to? Your 10,000 foot “goal”?

Happy upgrading!


Hello OptoMary,

Thanks for the reply. I did have a look at doc #1692, thanks for the suggestion. Again, I’m pretty new at this, but it appears we are upgrading from Factory Floor LMC4 controllers to the latest software with SNAP-PAC-R controllers.

It seems straight forward from what I’ve been reading on the Opto22 website, but we recently spoke with a consultant who indicated it is not all that easy - quite cumbersome as he put it. He mentioned some of the commands we were making use of do not directly translate to the new software. (sorry for the lack of details! I’m trying to immerse myself in this as quickly as possible). Sounds like when I better understand what we need to do, a call to support is going to be helpful.