Accessing Data Simulator Tags on Node-RED

Groov has Data Simulator that can generate data and simulate variety of data sources. Is it possible to
access (read) Data Simulator Tags on Node-RED? Idea is to provide simulated data sources for testing & validating Node-RED flows before they can be field deployed.

Not at the moment, sorry. General access to tag data (on any sort of device) is on groov’s API roadmap, but we aren’t there yet.

@Murali - you can do this with the “Data Store” and the added benefit of that device type is your values will persist through a power cycle, etc. You can create as many tags as you want so you’re not limited to the fixed set in the Data Simulator set. Have you use the Data Store device type yet?

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I have used “Data Store” and it works perfectly. I expect that’s what would be used in the final deployment. As I stated, Data Simulator capability can be extended to Node-RED for flow development & testing.