Accessing Control Engine strategy variables without OPC server


I would like to access a strategy variables without using the OPC server. Is optoMMP toolkit the way to go? From my reading of its documentation I would have to write the variables values from the Snap PAC S1 controller to one I/O brain Scratch Pad in order to be able to read them? There is no way to access a controller memory directly (modbus, or any other non OPC protocol)?
How does the OPC server access the controller data?



There is a modbus kit available for download which would allow you to transfer data using that protocol. There is also a bacnet kit but i think it needs a pac s2 from the docs (i cant see why it wouldnt work with an S1 though but i havent tried) Is there a particular reason you don’t want to use the OPC server? MMP is the only other standard opto option I know of but it requires some additional programming to get the vars in and out. If you don’t have access to the strategy your kinda screwed for this and the other options.
Maybe optodatalink? This will get vars in and out to a dbase or exchange to a controller. Might be an option?
I’m sure other opto heads out there might know a few more


Hi Pierre,

As Nick indicates, there are lots of ways of moving data from point A to point B. But deciding which way is best for you depends on a few factors. How much data are we talking about here? (Just a couple of Int32s, or hundreds of values from a float table?)

Are you trying to get it into a program you’re writing yourself (which runs on the PC)? If so, what programming language(s) are you using?