Access RIO relay outputs in Codesys

I am pretty new to Codesys, and I need some help with configuring the I/O Mapping for channels 8 and 9 on a groov RIO (the relay output channels). When configuring the I/O Mapping, I did it the same way that I configured the other channels (first image). How do I access the actual boolean tag and control the relay? I’m going through the Codesys training in the Opto 22 training module, and can’t seem to get the relay output to toggle. I also don’t see any available tags to access when writing the code (second image).

you need to be mindful of where you put the tag mapping. You have it mapped to the datatype Discrete Outputs which is a DWORD, and would not work. You would need to move it to channel State which is a boolean datatype, and will work with contacts/coils in Ladder.

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I realized this right before I got the email notification that you replied. Thank you!