Access Control Systems

Is anyone using any OPTO22 product to operate an Access Control System?
We would entertain Wiegland or RFID proximity cards and readers.

Our application includes three walk through gates with mag locks and two drive through gates with chain openers.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Back when the SNAP-SCM-W2 module was available we used Opto 22 to automate all of the Water and Wastewater sites for a City. Because we already had Opto 22 controls at these sites we just added a chart or two to handle the doors. We finally got rid of all the readers (maintenance) and now use groov view with a user account for each staff member to open doors. Originally we used a demo Opto 22 offered:
You may be able to modify that to use serial RFID readers like these:

Thank you. We will look into using Groov.