AC5 toolkit for Win 7

I’m trying to convert our old application written in C# to run on Win7.

It’s an application does run installed in the system as a Windows Service.

It seems to work with an old PCI-AC5 board, but not with a PCIe-AC5 board.

When I try in the my service I can read the inputs but not set any outputs.
Even the BlinkLights method doesn’t work.

When I do this in an application started as a normal exe it works, I can use BlinkLights and also set outputs.

What have I missed??

There was mention in the readme that you have to administrator access… Although it didn’t seem to matter for me and my windows 7 PCI-AC5.


I also read about the administrator access. When I run my test exe I get this UAC dialog. And then it works. But from my service I can only read inputs and not set outputs. The application calls Open and get a handle to the board. That handle is valid because I can read the inputs.

Also for some reason this version seems to use negative-true logic.

?Except on the point update and point read?

But the operations where you are setting “Masks” you may find you need to flip your bits.

I would be curious to know if you have gotten any blue screens of death using 4.0c.

I get about 1 day I think when I’m doing a open on the handle however since it is intermittent I haven’t been able to narrow it down, yet. (seems to happen first run of the morning, and I do leave my computer turned on)

For the moment I will stay with the old PCI-AC5 :frowning:

My experience:

OPTOPMUX.DLL great sucess with the OLD ISA since like 1998 on Windows 2000 and XP, using the paramux driver package. Good hardware life as well. BTW we have found that more than one application can access the card at the same time using this driver package.

OPTOPCI.dll PCI-AC5 has worked fine on XP, how the hardware we recieved supposedly is from an earlier production run, and was a weak sister. I have several cards that show outputs being “stuck” on, my understanding is that this is a result of dirty power- but that is not my thing. Only one app can access card at one time (Which forced a redesign for us)

AC5Toolkit.dll PCI-AC5 under windows 7 so far has not been the best experience. Again we had these weak sister cards from some bastard production run, so we got BSODs on 4.0b. I got with tech support and worked with their person to provide a test environment to resolve. Took about a month which is reasonable I guess. Also because I guess the cards internally use negative true logic, this newest driver/DLL also required packed and unpacked calls to use negative true… (again design change however doable.) Also this DLL depends on windows 7 components and will not load on a windows XP computer. (again we had to redesign to load DLLs on demand) O and this version does appear to allow more than one application to grab a handle at the same time. (or maybe just doesn’t fail)