Does anyone have the drivers for the OPTO AC24AT adapter card? I have inherited a piece of test equipment that is no longer supported by the test equipment company, Maccor. Their service rep says that the tester won’t communicate with the computer (Windows 98) unless and only if it can talk to the OPTO card. I had to re-install Windows 98 and now am searching for the drivers.:confused:


Welcome to the OptoForums! We do still sell/support that part (and even support it with more modern Operating systems!).

Check out this form, especially page 11: [U][B][/B][/U]

Also don’t hesitate to contact our (free! friendly!) support team, email is always best:

However, I am curious about what that test equipment consists of, and what you’re up to in general. Normally that AC24AT card is used for communicating with custom software and our I/O brains. What is that card attached to? Did it come with some (Maccor?) software you’re planning to install on the Windows 98 machine? (Maybe the software only runs on Windows 98?) Any/all details you can share will be helpful…

See this really very happy.:smiley: