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I am new to this forum and I am not sure if I am posting in the right place. I originally played with the groove box when first was introduced several years ago. At that time it was very limited and the Windows software version was not yet available.

All our equipment we build have a PAC R1 controller with a Panel mount touch screen industrial computer.
I am faced with deciding if I should use The Groov Box or the Windows software version.

I do understand that if the computer goes down then Groov would have no access …correct?
If I decide to use the Groov Box then we always have access to the controller irrigardles of PC status is this correct ?

If I decide to use the software version on the Panel Mount PC do I need to load any other software other than Groov.

Hi Eric,

Sounds like your situation is exactly the type we had in mind for groov Server (you already have a Windows PC in the mix, and might want to save on cost).

Both the groov Box and the groov Server for windows will store/serve your project/pages (either in the Box or on the PC running the server). To access that server and those pages, you’d use something with a browser for the client side. Sounds like both server and client would be the on panel mount touch screen PC. Is that correct? Anything else, like a smart phone, perhaps?

Could you tell me more about you concert re: having access to the controller? (What’s the use case that worries you?)

Keep in mind, that if your R1 controller has 9.5 firmware or newer on it, there’s also a web server in there which, via the RESTful API, can serve up all your tag data. It’s just that you’ll get JSON back (meant for other devices to read, more so than humans). Vs. the groov web server (either on the PC or in the box) servers up data meant for humans to read.

But to answer our question, the only other software you need is a decent browser to act as the client.


How did that Panel Mount PC work out for you? Did it include a touch-screen you liked and that worked well with groov? Sometimes folks ask for recommendations on this type of device (or other touch-screen options), just wondering what you go and how it worked for you…

My apologies I just read your email. I have been traveling and have been very busy to check in the forum. This email came to me directly in my in box and that’s a good thing. We have installed approximately 30 Teguar panel mount computers (https://teguar.com) on our equipment that all talk to PAC-R1 with a whole lot of IO.
The earlier version of the 15" embedded computers where with Windows XP Pro with only 2 GB Ram. They worked OK but very slow loading programs. They where also limited in the screen resolution settings.
Recently the last 10 Machines we built we upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. These computers have 4 GB RAM plus you can add another 4GB and the screen resolution have much more choices to to fit your screen size.

The new Tequar Panel Mount Computer TP-2945-15 Windows 10 Pro 64 bit is a great package. We are very satisfied with it.

As for Groov we have approximately 50~60 installations with PAC R1 systems and Grov will be a great add on to these systems. I have also been reading a bit about Node-Red and I think its great stuff. (Beno keep the write ups on the Forum… looks great)

i’m new and want to know do i need activation key for free trail as well? if yes how i can have one

No activation needed. When you signed up for the free trial, you should’ve received an email w/a link to download. You only need the activation key when you actually purchase the product or corresponding upgrade.