A problem of UP1-ADS

Ads is set to “auto run”, but it still can’t run automatically after power failure and restart. Is this ads broken? Or is it incompatible with PAC 9.6?

Make sure that your PAC Control strategy has these two options checked.


Is this a controller that has a battery in it? It may need replaced. I had this issue on an older R1, I would lose all persistent variables and the autorun flag whenever the power would be cycled.

Thank you very much. According to your method, it can work normally again. More than 15 years old equipment.

Thank you very much. The battery voltage is 2.9v. Should it be ok?

If it is a coin type cell (2032 or 2025 or something) then 2.9 would be dead.

I don’t know the model of the battery, and the up1-ads battery is welded on the circuit board. The installation method and model of the battery are different from that of the R1 battery. It seems that users can’t replace the battery themselves.
It’s working now.