A Few Requests for PAC Control

I’ve been working quite a bit in PAC Control over the past few days, and I have a few feature requests:

  1. Break & Continue
    Within a for loop, it would really be nice to have these options available.

  2. Convert Action Block to OptoScript Block
    Add the ability to right click an action block and convert it to OptoScript would be fantastic. This would save a ton of time if it becomes necessary to add some sort of conditional logic within the action block. Something similar would be to be able to copy commands in an action block and then paste them into an OptoScript block and have the paste function convert the clipboard contents automatically.

  3. OptoScript GoTo Command
    This one is a little out there, but it would be really great within an OptoScript block to be able to essentially replicate the functionality of a goto block with a command. I get that it would potentially make the flowchart less intuitive, but there are times when it would be worth it. Just a simple GoTo(BlockID).

If these things are doable, I’d be happy to continue down my list of feature requests. I still deal with OptoControl 4.0 on a daily basis, so I’m beyond appreciative of how far the control software has come.