4diac for Groov development

is it possible to use the 4diac development system to program the Groov RIO? I am looking for an alternative to codesys that runs natively on Mac OS

I am unfamiliar with 4diac, but we do offer a SSH license for the groov RIO that allows access to the command line linux OS. You could attempt an install through there and see if it will run. We have more information about that on our developer site.

Thanks for that info, but I don’t think that quite addresses what I was trying to ask.

To clarify, the 4diac is an IEC 61499/61131 compatible development environment that runs on Mac OS and many other platforms. As I understand it, this is what the Codesys software is that runs on the windows platform for development purposes, and then an FBD program is downloaded onto the RIO for execution.

What I was thinking is that it might be possible to download a project from the 4diac compiler (an FBD program) and it would run on the RIO. Is something like that possible, or am I not understanding the process (that is, does the development enviroment and execution environment have to be from the same vendor?)

4diac requires both an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) and a runtime engine. The engine is installed on the controller, similar to our codesys runtime engine, and acts as the controller to the I/O. The IDE is installed on your PC(windows, Mac…) and that is how you program compile and download. You can find the info on the IDE and the runtime on the 4diac downloads page.

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