4-20mA input configuration

I’m lost with this
I hookup a 4-20mA transducer 0-15psi 24v
I connect power wire to a 24v power supply then the common wire into the input of the module. I also connect power supply common to common on module. Shouldn’t I get a value in the range of 4-20mA?
I got .8 mA
When I insert the values for the input ( 4-20mA, 0-15psi ) it seems like it displays the correct result

Am I not understanding how this thing shows it’s values?

You don’t mention the module part number you are using, so just go with the flow here and we can tweak it if needed…

The first step is to get your wiring right.
Either of these is what you are looking to do.
Since you are using an external power supply, you need to follow the top one most likely.
The ground of the power supply goes to the EPIC module, the positive of the power supply to the positive of the sensor and then from the sensor to the EPIC Module.

If your sensor is self powered, then just put the power onto the sensor and then the output of the sensor to the Module.

If you tell us the sensor part number, we can Google the manual for it and figure out the wiring for you.

Next is the EPIC input scaling.
Are you going to be using PAC Control to program it, or Codesys, or Python, or REST or any other method?
It matters as we need to show you how to configure the input for either of those.
For now, lets not worry about the programming and just set the scaling in groov Manage so we can see it working (But know that when you download your program, it will overwrite groov Manage and so you need to set the scaling correctly in your software).

In groov Manage call up the EPIC module and channel.
Hit the configure button and then set your range to 4 and 20 and then your units to be psi and your upper and lower scaled to be 0 and 15.
Hit save and go back one step and you should be reading the scaled units.

Let know how you get on and if you need any tweaks… we will get you up and running I’m sure.

Is the module that I’m using
Pac control for software

Transducer is a Setra 209 model 9-30 vdc 4-20mA 0-15 psi

Yes I’m attaching sensor + to 24v power supply and sensor common to input channel 0
Then I also connect module common to power supply common

Thanks for the extra information. Always helpful to know how your hooking things up and what software.
From the data sheet, https://www.setra.com/hubfs/Product_Data_Sheets/Setra_Model_209_Data_Sheet.pdf we can see the wiring diagram.


Sounds like you have that side of it sorted.

I don’t have an EPIC controller at home, but the PAC Control setup is the same for a PAC controller…

Just make sure you put your mA and scaled units to what you need.
When you download the strategy those parameters will be sent to the controller and so when you go into debug you will see the scaled units both in PAC Control and groov Manage.