24 VAC Groov Input

Any plans for a Groov module that can handle a 24 VAC digital input? In G4 and PAC hardware, the IDC modules could handle low voltage inputs that are AC or DC. With Groov, that’s not the case. Any info on when I might be able to handle a low voltage AC input?

Bumping this up and hoping somebody has some information. This seems like a massive oversight in the Groov product lineup and is causing me all kinds of headaches as I convert projects from G4 and PAC hardware. I talked to tech support a few months ago and he seemed shocked that there’s not a Groov solution for this, but confirmed that there’s not.


If you don’t need fast response time or signal isolation, you may be able to use a GRV-IV-24 as a cost effective way to check those inputs with a little bit of control logic. Other analog modules would work as well that are faster, but the cost/channel gets steep for a digital input.

@philip: According to the documentation, that module only accepts VDC input. Am I missing something? Even the isolated module, the GRV-IVI-12, says it only accepts VDC input.

I looked into whether or not I could use an analog input module, even knowing the cost would be much higher, but I don’t think it’s a good option. I just don’t understand why the G4IDC5 and the SNAP-IDC5 modules were designed for both VAC/VDC and now the Groov module only handles VDC.

Yes, they are DC modules, so you would want to use the GetClearAnalogMaxValue command to see when the “DC voltage” is above a threshold - You can think of the 24VAC signal as a DC signal that is changing between approximately -34 and +34VDC. So if you see the max or min voltage change to those values, then you know the input is on.

Since the step change on that module is pretty slow, I would expect some seemingly random values when the signal is on - I would recommend testing that to see if it will work in your application - you may need to use a fairly low voltage for the threshold and turn off any signal averaging (SMA) since it would tend to average towards zero volts. The module also has some hardware input filtering that may work against you. A series diode may be needed if the filtering is too much to keep the voltage positive.

This is just an idea, and would need to be tested to see if it would work. I don’t have one of these modules or I would test it for you - maybe @Beno has the equipment available to throw together a quick test.

@philip: Thanks for the suggestion. I may be able to get that to work, and I have a GRV-IV24 module I could test with, but I’m just not sure it’s worth that much trouble.

Good news on this one @varland
groov EPIC firmware update 3.3 will allow 24vAC input on the GRV-IDC-x modules.
Its a pretty involved change, new module firmware, new option in groov Manage and new option in PAC Control, so hence the new firmware requirement, but at least going forward you will be able to simply read 24vAC as a digital input.

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@Beno: maybe this speaks to how little of a life I have right now, but you just made my weekend. That’s literally the best result I could have hoped for.

Any idea on when that firmware will be available?

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Glad to hear we can get you off to a good start on your weekend.

I hate putting out times for future firmware/software updates, but if I had to take a swing, I’d say late June or July.

@Beno: I won’t hold you to it, but I appreciate the estimate. Something to look forward to…

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Hey @varland Just bumping this thread to say your feature has been added to PAC Control 10.4 which was released yesterday.

PAC Control: You can now configure GRV-IDCI-12 modules with the new
digital channel type: 10-25 VAC. Your module must have firmware version
1.3b or higher.

@Beno: thanks for the update. I’ll give this a shot today. I appreciate not only the work of the Opto development team in making this happen but also you for remembering this thread and following up here. Those touches are why I stick with Opto and insist my company think very hard before ever looking at other solutions.


Hi everyone
Did this firmware update apply to GRV-IDC-24 modules? I have this exact same issue and I have checked the module has firmware 1.3b (even downloaded and reinstalled it), however still no option for VAC. First time EPIC user so I may be missing something but it all seems pretty straight forward with the other modules. Any ideas?

Hi Nick. Its been a while mate!
Where do you see no option for VAC? In PAC Control, you will need to bump its version as well, as the device type was added there. So its a two part update to see the new channel type.

Hey Ben, that was quick!!! Yeah it has been a while but loving the EPIC system. I couldn’t see it in groov Manage (where I thought it would be) or in PAC Control (but I’m running 10.4a so that makes sense). Should it be in groov Manage? All the other modules options seem to have their configuration options in there. I’m running groov Manage 3.3.0. Might have to update that as well?

I just updated PAC Control to the latest, no option there. Channel type only give one option, 15-30VDC. The EPIC-PR1 is running 3.3.1-b.55. But if I update and can configure the point in groov Manage, won’t the configuration from PAC Control reconfigure the point back to VDC when I download to it?

@nick_stephens: I don’t know the exact versions, but once you get the firmware updated on the PR1 and the module, and you get the required version of PAC Control, you can configure the channel for VAC from Groov Manage and in PAC Control. That way PAC Control won’t overwrite the configuration on download. I’m using a number of these modules that way here without issue.

@varland I figured it would be that easy however doesn’t seem to like Australia for some reason… I’ve got the latest firmware for the PR1 and IDC-24 module, PAC Control is at the latest 10.4b but still not option in either PAC Control or groov Manage.

PC Ver

Any ideas?

I have the same issue, looks like you can only use VAC with the 12 channel IDCI-12. I can’t get my 24 channel IDC-24 to allow for VAC.

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@mhake yeah I noticed that in PAC Control. @varland are you using IDC-24 modules or IDCI-12 modules?