When the system working,all input signals of analog Pulse break

If this is SNAP, check your power supply voltage at the rack - should be 5.1VDC

Yes。I have adjusted the voltage to 5.12V, I have replaced all analog module by other device (after changing to another device, the other device was normal working.)。

Does PAC Manager show any Ethernet errors for this unit?

But,Two digital output points alternately opened,which is one problem that occurs at the same time as analog quantity error(occurs within 1 minute after analog error report ).

No error reported by PAC when I download program.

Sounds (to me) like a power supply issue… What brand supplies are you using? Meanwell? Opto?
I’m thinking that it might be a noise issue… Do you have an oscilloscope to check for noise on the rail?

Might be worth putting an error code trap in. I understand what you are saying, there is no error when you download, it comes some time latter, might be worth trapping that code and putting it in the Que so you can see it latter; Error code decoder

Yes, I use opto22 SNAP-PAC-R1 .

There is no such problem in many production lines for many years, only this device has this occasional problem . This device was made last year .

I can debug online to see if there is any error code 。Before, when compiling and downloading, there was no error code。

You mean : I have to check the power supply of the controller with an oscilloscope?

After monitoring for the whole afternoon, there was no alarm from cotrol message. But the actual analog quantity gave one alarms。

Are your transducers using a loop power supply? Have you checked that?

Thank you for your response!
I haven’t checked all of these, but the same sensor configuration doesn’t work on any other devices

According to Beno’s suggestion yesterday.I check PAC Manager but it cannot read (Show communication timeout ,program locked) (Maybe the device is running and cannot be read,the other device also cannot read. )
But I haven’t checked this place before:

But for the same check, the other device is zero.
What is the mistake ?Thank you for your reply!

ARCNET reconfigs 237

Verify that all your modules are secured well to the rack. I always screw them down as I have had issues with them coming loose over time when mounted vertically.

You shouldn’t be getting that many ARCNET reconfigs.

ARCNET reconfigs 237。
is this meaning that the communication has been disconnected many times?How do I check this error? Thank you!

From the PAC Manager manual;

Arcnet Reconfigs Detected
Indicates that a smart module has been added, removed, or reset. (ARCNET is used on the rack for communication between the processor and analog, serial, or high-density digital modules)

PAC Manager should connect even if the unit is in use.
If it won’t connect, that tells me that there more issues at hand.
You should be able to use PAC Manager to connect to the unit and see both the arcnet reconfigs and Ethernet errors.

ARCNET reconfigs 45
According to the experiment, this seems to reflect that communication errors have occurred several times.
There is no pop-up error during system normal maintenance. This problem seems to be only in process execution, which occurs when the analog quantity is frequently communicated.

PAC manager, An unused analog measurement point is found, which is different from other unused points。I don’t know if it’s related。 At present, we still haven’t found the problem.