SoftPAC losing it's values and strings


Steps Taken:
Turned off Charts
Turned off SoftPAC
Exited SoftPAC
Went to directory, copied O22PersistSP.O22 to a new folder on desktop.
Opened SoftPAC, Turned ON SoftPAC
Downloaded completely different strategy, ran it.
Turned Off SoftPAC and Exited.
Opened Previous Project
Opened SoftPAC, Turn On SoftPAC
Downloaded Previous Project, ran it. All Values Blank (of course)
Turned Off SoftPAC and Exited.
Copied O22 file to directory.
Opened SoftPAC, Turn ON SoftPAC, Run Charts… All Values Still blank.

Did you get it to work?


@philip - There’s a little bit more to that second file: “It’s a memory-mapped file, so it’s constantly being written, but is subject to standard file caching.”

However (another warning from Mary TMI St.John), like many under-the-covers" and not-documented-elsewhere tidbits that get shared here, using these files creatively is not officially supported, subject to change at any moment and all the other fine print. And as @philip pointed out, likely to change between firmware versions.

But the Opto Tag Preserve utility is fully supported. So are persistent variables, which are for this purpose exactly, so we need to get THAT fixed for sure, if it’s not already.

Always fun to explore other ways of doing things, though. That’s what we do!


Nope, not working here either. In fact, I get a -112 warning NVRAM is corrupt; battery may need to be replaced.


I got it to work.

I stopped SoftPAC, copied all three *.O22 files
Then started SoftPAC, changed my persistent variables to something else.
Stopped SoftPAC, copied all three files back, restarted SoftPAC and my old persistent variables came back.

So try copying all the *.O22 files and see if you can restore them.

Like Mary says, fun to experiment, but I don’t think I would want to rely on this method.


Thanks Mary and philip… I’ll do some testing… Hopefully, I just won’t lose the values.

@Mary The Opto Tag Preserve utility works just fine.

Did you see my question about the flash earlier?.. If the flash got worn out, is it replaceable? Or you just have to buy a new R1, etc.? Just curious.


Nothing in the R1 is replaceable, unless you count whatever you plug into the microSD card slot (if you have one of those), but that’d be just your data/files.

Glad the utility is working for you!


The terminal blocks are replaceable!