Porting C# application onto GRV native linux

I guess I’ll see if I can use .NET 5 instead.

Thanks again

For what it’s worth: if you’re not already invested in the .NET platform, we ship Java 8 on EPIC and RIO and can guarantee it’ll continue working for the foreseeable future because groov View and our authorization service are written for Java 8.

I have been off the last few days. For my needs I am sticking with .NET Core 3.1, I have not explored later versions.

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Hi Philip,
I had a C# program which use C++ DLL to get data from other device.
Does it mean I can use this way to run my C# program in EPIC with .Net Core 3.1 ?

Probably not - the C++ library would need to be compiled for arm-linux to work on the EPIC. If you have the source code, you could probably port it, but I would only do that if the library was doing something special that couldn’t easily be brought into .net or ported to .net.

You didn’t say what the c++ dll was used to access, but if it is the Opto libarary, then Opto has a .net OptoMMP library available for a while now. I haven’t tested if it is targeted to run on “any” processer, but based on JerryD’s post above it may be - he didn’t specify which library he was running.

If you want .net source code (which Opto hasn’t made available) - I posted above source for a .net library port of the original Opto C library that I use in some of my projects. I don’t use the Opto version, since I have my own that I created before Opto had one available.

I have successfully used the source that Philip posted above.

The C++ DLL which I used is not Opto DLL, it provided by 3rd party.
So I didn’t have the source code.
Thank you very much for your sharing !