Node-RED Has Stopped Working

My Node-RED has stopped working. When I go into NR Admin I get this error.

I have restarted the Groov but haven’t done a power-cycle as this box is in the middle of a vineyard.


i dont have an AR1 in front of me, but from memory you can stop and start Node-RED from the Admin panel?
It looks like a simple error in one of the Nodes. A restart should get you back up and running. From there you can add a catch node to each flow and see if it catches these errors before a node-red stop.

The error I’m showing in the post is what happens when you try to get to NR Admin. In any case I’ve rebooted the Groov which should accomplish the same thing but it didn’t work.

Ah, sorry. My bad, I thought it was a snip from the NR Admin log.
Never seen NR Admin crash. Drop an email to support and see what they think.

Did that at the same time I posted this. I’ll let you know what they say.


Out of the 4 units I recently purchased one of them kept doing this to me. The only way I could get it working was to reset to factory default. I kept getting this error when I tried updating to the latest version groov. I am currently running the version it resets to without issues.

I used up a whole day with this problem and recall posting a thread about it…

here is my thread:

So what support is saying that you have to take the Groov back to factory, update the firmware for the Groov app, Groov Admin, and Node-RED back to what’s current or suggested in a production environment (which in my case runs all the time)?