Launch the default browser

Is there a way to target the default browser on PC instead of a specific installed browser using PacDisplay’s Application launcher? I want to open up web pages with whatever the assigned default browser is instead of trying to target the exact working directory of an installed browser. This would help make my PacDisplay project more universal.


Is it possible for you to use the URL control in Pac Display instead of launching the ap?
It will let you put in the default page to use.

You can also create a batch file (mybrowser.bat) to launch the default browser with a default page.
Here is what the contents of the file might look like:

Then in pac display instead of using an exe file to launch the ap you can launch your mybrower.bat instead.

url window doesn’t work. It shows up blank. The batch file might work. I’m just thinking there has to be some shortcut or target in Windows that opens the default browser. My search thus far has been fruitless.

Put in the Command Line field:
cmd /c start

Am I missing something? That still looks for a program to start.


Yeah, you’re missing a “d”

Ha. Nice catch. Fingers are quicker than the keyboard…

OK gurus. Is there something with the characters in this link that cause a fail?
this works;, but requires a login every time.

If I put the former link directly into the browser it comes up with no problems. If use it in the PacDisplay the link gets truncated to in the browser.

Edit: I figured out I need to add a “^” before the “&” symbol. So the link looks like:^&Id=33^&start1-N