Groov EPIC 3.4.0 Firmware released

No, I don’t do Codesys because I hate ladder and Optoscript is about as perfect as one can get for a controller language.
Well after discussing with Dave, he convinced me to go with MQTT, however, he had forgotten what the driver cost in Ignition was…so being that I did not have it already built in, that is too big a chunk along with other stuff not accounted for.
Therefore, I decided the best sanitation vs least cost was add a stand alone Epic and use the R2 as a brain on the 2nd well site. Then use OPCUA and get all the benefits afforded with the new fw.
Going forward in future I will probably build in the cost of MQTT at Ignition for the next phase, since the switch over would not be hard to do.

Ben, just to be clear, the MQTT Multiple broker feature in the headline, does that mean it serves as a multiple MQTT client broker, or is able to connect to multiple brokers?

Not really either of those…

What it means is that you can send SparkplugB messages to one broker and MQTT strings to another broker.
Two brokers max. (It was a much requested feature since SparkplugB messages can be tough to decode, but their encoding offered many benefits).

I completed the first update in an EPIC of many to come, somehow the update process seems to be faster and easier then before, not sure if something was done about.
I am no millenial (gen x) BUT nodered is an amazing tool and the newer version is much more useful, also the MQTT side allowing regular and sparkplug at the same time is a great plus.
The task modularity of all this tools makes it easier in my opinion, I know it is a learning curve and process, control, IT/OT, EDGE, etc. are extensive individual areas BUT over all OPTO 22 has done nothing short of an excellent job adding capabilities and flexibility to there devices, they have listened and helped us the extra mile and more.


The Node-RED blog post is live now!

If you have any other questions about the updates please feel free to ask me here, and you can find the full update notes on the official Node-RED blog.

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