EPIC groove ssh-agent github

I am developing my my control/automation program using python through SSH. My processor is a GRV-EPIC-PR1 with the latest firmware.

I use VSCode to remotely program the EPIC processor (it works fine).

The problem come when I try to connect to my github account. Github requires ssh authentication through ssh-agent, which is not available on the EPIC. Is there any reasoning behind why? Or any workaround?


Welcome to the forum!

This is a great question, and the solution is not immediately obvious. You can install ssh-agent by getting the openssh-misc package from our repository, since that package includes ssh-agent.
After this I was able to generate and save my key, upload it to my personal GitHub account, and then connect with SSH authentication:

sudo apt-get install openssh-misc

Please let me know if that works for you or if you have any other questions.



Thank you very much. Now developing remotely on the EPIC controller is the way to go!


@alberto.bueno Thanks for letting us know.
Glad we could help. It was a bit tricky to find that package. Not sure why it was part of the ‘misc’ package, but we got there in the end.