Close Screen & Return to Original Screen

The topic doesn’t make much sense, but what I am trying to do is close an ‘Alarm Message’ screen (similar to a popup) that is called from a ‘Page Navigator’ gadget from the screen of origin [or the screen that the ‘Alarm Message’ screen was called from].
I’ve tried various gadget’s but none seem to do the trick. Could you use an ‘Event’ to do this? Maybe get real fancy with the ‘Visibility’ feature in many of the groov gadgets?
Trying to avoid the need to create multiple ‘Alarm Message’ screens and to be able to use only one ‘Alarm Message’ screen.
Thanks, Dave

I made a work around, since my ‘Alarm Message’ screen was fairly simple, I just copied the components to the appropriate screen that will call the ‘Alarm Message’ screen. Set the visibility of each component to show when ‘flagAlarm’ is active (=1), I then have an ‘OK’ button to reset ‘flagAlarm’ (=0) which ‘hides’ the ‘Alarm Message’ components.
It works, just not super clean in groov build, would rather hide the entire ‘Alarm Message’ screen, but will have to add the separate components to each screen that the ‘Alarm Message’ is called for.


Just to make sure I’m reading this right:

You’re on a page, something happens that makes you go to an Alarm Message screen, and you want to be able to click on a Page Navigator or something to go back to the original page?

We don’t have anything in there to make that possible currently, but it’d be pretty straightforward to add an option to the Page Navigator links to just make them step back once in the browser history. Would that accomplish what you’re looking for?

Jonathan, This was a feature in PAC Display, where a ‘pop up’ would open based on an Alarm flag, when you acknowledged the message by clicking the ‘OK’ button, it would reset the Alarm flag and close the ‘pop up’. In essence it would take you back to the screen that you were on when the Alarm flag was triggered. I’m assuming that could be added to the ‘Page’ navigator gadget. We would just make the ‘Page’ Navigator gadget tied to an ‘OK’ button, as long as the that gadget could also reset a flag.

Ah, ok. That sounds like general Alarm/Event acknowledgement, the flag being there to say “someone saw this and took care of it.” It’s been on the roadmap for awhile, but we haven’t gotten to it yet.

Okay, I think I’m going to use the ‘Visibility’ features and have the separate components tied to the Alarm flag. We have alarm message strings that we display for the user. I think I will frame with the ‘Header’ gadget for ~grouping the components together. I haven’t seem a feature where you can ‘group’ components together to form one component, I think PAC Display had this feature. We could then have all the Alarm Message components tied together, then use one instance of the alarm flag using the ‘Viability’ feature. Thanks