Can't Display Video URL in Groov

Don’t apologize. I need all the help I can get. :slight_smile:

I believe I fixed the problem. I went into the camera settings and set it to allow anonymous viewing. I hit upon this when I used a local PC and put in the URL I’m using for the video gadget and it asked me for a username and password. I also had to set the video gadget to http instead of https. Both those changes resulted in my getting a picture. Here is the breathtaking view of the reservoir for the winery.

I did see the camera was set for a self-signed certificate and maybe there’s a problem there which is why https isn’t working. I’m not going to worry about it for the moment.

As always, you guys are the best!

Thanks for all the help.


Nice work!!!
Yes, sometimes you have to use the trick of the following url in groov;

I have never used a camera on https, so will make a note of your issue.

Also, keep what @Jonathan_Fischer said in mind, we have definitely seen the video simply ‘fail’ (blank/missing image) if the refresh rate cant keep up over the network.

Glad you stuck with it. So very worth it. Very nice image.

Yay! Thanks for sharing the fix and final result! Whoo-hoo!