Using Ignition Edge to Connect to a PAC


I’m working on a proof of concept project trying to connect Ignition Edge (not the one in the new Groov) to a PAC. Within Ignition Edge (IE) there are a number of drivers for different PLCs but none for any Opto22 devices. How would I get to the tags on a PAC using IE, or can I?

Edit: As is often the case, I answered my own question. Here is the link to the Cirrus site with instructions on how to download and install the Ignition/Opto22 module:

I’ll let you know how it works.



Well done on finding the module (driver).
Just like PAC and groov, you can not get to smart points or PID’s. But other than that, it works great.
Was using it yesterday at work.


That was my experience as well. I followed the simple installation and configuration instructions and was able to mock-up a window using tags from the PAC without a problem.