Pac Display data update


hi everyone

I have a problem with Pac display. I charge a test strategy with a variable called test, which I want to visualize in pac display. I add the field for visualization and configure the Tag; The problem is that when I run the PacDisplayRuntime the data is not updated and only updated if I select to open the same window again, I do not remember having changed any configuration, I would appreciate your help to solve this problem.


Display 2
PrtScr capture


What version of PAC Display do you have? Your symptom sounds a bit like this issue:


I currently have version 9.6g installed.


It should be added that there is another computer with this same version and does not present the problem, so I ask if there is any configuration in the software that performs the update of the data according to the time programmed (1, 2, 5 … seconds). the writing function works correctly.


This is likely something that’s been fixed in a Beta version, please email for info and instructions on obtaining that Beta.


I just wanted to chime in to say that I’m also seeing this issue. Any / all of my ‘Text in from control engine’ graphics seem to only update once I open a different window and then return to the original window…


Hi, managed to solve it?