Groov View R4.0a and groov Server for Windows R4.0a are now available!


You can find the new version of groov App or groov Server for Windows by logging into your Opto22 account through

groov View R4.0a

May 18, 2018

New Features

  • groov View now runs on the new groov EPIC (edge programmable industrial controller) system. groov View software is included with the GRV-EPIC-PR1 processor. Authorized users can view the groov View HMI you build on the GRV-EPIC-PR1’s integrated high-resolution touchscreen as well as on mobile devices and PCs. For more on groov EPIC, see groov System.

  • You can now start a new project easily by resetting your project. This new feature makes it easier for system integrators or others who work on multiple projects for different customers or locations. Be sure to back up the existing project first. Then from the File menu, choose Reset Project. All your devices, pages, and trend data will be deleted, so you can start over
    fresh with a new project or restore a different project you need to work on.

Bug Fixes

  • KB87151 - Video gadget may be updated at a rate different from the update period.
  • KB87274 - Events do not work if the project has run with no tags configured
  • KB87299 - groov View displays Unicode escape sequence instead of the correct character
  • KB87320 - Gadgets may be very slow to receive updates in groov View R3.5a or R3.5b.
  • KB87384 - Kiosk accounts are logged out after 2 weeks even though the “Do not expire” option is checked
  • KB87386 - System log may show missing values for control engine errors


Excuse me, can the Chinese characters in the string variables of the R1 controller be displayed normally?


Try it and let us know.


Good idea. I’ll test this tomorrow. Now I rest.


No, there haven’t been any changes that will affect string encoding.

That said, string encoding, along with several other per-device improvements (timeouts, scan rates, that sort of thing) are on the short-list for the next major release cycle. I just have a couple years of technical debt to clear out of the way first.



Trend maps and videos have been able to update normally. However, the data in the red circle sometimes stop updating. At this time, other updates are normal, and APP must be restarted. This problem has not occurred on PC. If it’s a network problem, why do other normal update data?


That’s the second report I’ve had of this issue. Is it reasonable to try using the normal web browser for a bit and see if the same thing happens?