Wired+Wireless segmentation


I have a doubt concerning the segmentation of the wireless devices.

I used to use the non wireless R2 for my projects, the connection schema was the following:

PC ------- > NTRON switch -------- > SNAP-PAC-R2 (Ethernet 1)
|--------> G-70 or G-72 Optoterminal.

I use the PC - NTRON link, to collect data from the PAC using datalink and to download programs to the PAC and the Optoterminal device.

Since I want to reduce the number of wires, and want to create a wireless connection to collect data from the PAC, (in order to make my test benches more mobile), thi is how I am connecting now:

PC )))))) wireless link )))))) (WLAN) SNAP-PAC-R2-W – Ethernet 1 – G70


PC )))))) wireless link )))))) (WLAN) SNAP-PAC-R2-W – Ethernet 1 – NTRON - G70

My intention is to use the wireless link to be able to collect data… and also to download software to the PAC or the G70.

But since both networks must be in different segments, I set my PAC WLAN with IP:

I set my Ethernet 1:
My G70 is:

I dont know if it is possible to download software to the G70 via WLAN. Is there a way to link the wifi lan to the ethernet 1? So, Can I connect the computer to the same Wireless network as the PAC, and download software to other devices connected through Ethernet 1?. Like making WLAN some kind of gateway or something?

I hope I was clear enough.

Best Regards.

Hi Mino,

Short answer is no.
Long answer is no.

Longer answer is can you/have you thought about using a wireless access point/router at the controller/G70?
The PAC controller can not do any routing or be a gateway between any of the three ports (the two wired and the wireless). Its all about security, it allows you to truly segment your network as you need… the ‘perfect’ firewall… This is why the short and long answer to your question is no.

If you put a wireless access point at the controller, then you could go from an R2-W back to an R2. You would still have less cables.
You would be able to get from the PC to both the controller and the display like you want.
Have not priced it out, but perhaps the cost difference in the controller would cover the router?

You know your set up better than anyone, so it will be something you will have to weigh the pros and cons…

Lets know if you have any questions or what you end up going with.