Window state error

Hi to start of, I have 4 PLC’s running now, All opto22, and its a good product, user friendly for the most part.

however I have run into an issue with my last controller,
I have 3 popup windows, and in the window state I configure them as:
window 1 open if n_ram_reset is falsewindow 1 close if n_ram_reset is true,
window 1 works good no problems there.
window 2 open if n_Estop is falsewindow 2 close if n_Estop is true
window 3 open if n_machinesetup is truewindow 3 close if n_machinesetup is false
The problem is whenever the window 1 pops up the other 2 of the windows also will popup even when the n_Estop is true, and n_machinesetup is false I also do get an error message

UPDATE:I had foolishly selected to open under all other windows in pac display. all is working as expected.