What if that email doesn't get there?

Hi groov Fans,

Here’s a good question from a customer using groov w/email alerts. I have some ideas but hope you’ll chime in, too.

His question: “On our Groov box, it is set up to send email alerts with alarm conditions come in. It works fine 99.9% of the time, however on occasion sometimes an email is not sent. I think it is occurring when our Groov box can’t (for some reason) reach our SMTP mail server. Are there any logs to view in Groov that can show email attempts? Are there any settings to extend timeouts? Or to retry?”

First, on the question of timeouts or retries: not currently w/ the built-in Events. Perhaps with a Node-RED email node.

If you want to make sure the email got there, you could change the event to look for the trigger condition AND a flag that gets cleared when someone, say, goes to a page in groov which has a place to clear/ack that flag. The email alert could include a link to this page.

You could also do something a little fancier (using Node-RED) where a recipient could reply back with an “I got it” to clear such a flag. Or you could use something like IFTTT to wait for an email and even clear a flag in a couple of possible ways.

Other thoughts from all you groov-Event fans out there? Don’t be shy!