What does Metric Update Rate (ms) do?

In manage, on the data service scanned devices configuration there is scan time and metrics update rate. What does the Metrics Update Rate do? I RTFM’d and didn’t see it anywhere in the 2267 document or in the firmware release notes.

I will get a ‘for sure’ answer tomorrow, but I recall hearing it mentioned some time back… So, from rusty memory… There is the data, and then there are the controller / data ‘heath’ (ie, metrics).
Most people care more about the data than the data service metrics, so hence you can slow them down independent of the data values.

I would need to spin it up in say Ignition or another SparkPlug client to see the actual metrics data to point them out in a screen shot, but they are on their own topic etc.

Sorry for the slow confirmation on this thread and also super sorry for the horrible screenshot.

Of the 4 tags in the ‘Metrics’ only the last two change very much beyond the device birth message, so that update rate is limiting how often the tag access time and queue depth update.

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Okay, thanks for the update.