Weather Underground - current forecast as string


I am a big Weather Underground fan. We upload our personal and Opto 22’s weather station data.
I have also signed up for an API key and you will need to do the same to use this flow. (It’s free for 500 calls a day).

Before you jump in and copy/paste the flow, double-check you have the weather underground node installed. You can check two different ways… You can scroll up and down your nodes looking for weather underground (its an orange color under the “Weather” node category), or use the node search on the top left-hand side of the stack of nodes; just search for wunder and it will pop right up, if you have it installed.

Or you can just go to install it and it will let you know if you have it. To install a new node, click on the menu stack on the top right-hand side (the three bars that look like a hamburger) and select Manage Palette. Once you do this, the left-hand side node menu changes a fair bit. You can see what nodes you currently have installed, and you can click on the Install tab, type “weather” and take a look at all the different weather nodes you can experiment with. I just clicked on the “install” button on the wunderground option and a moment or three latter, it was installed. Clicked done, and for me, it was at the bottom of the node stack. Sweet.

Once you have your API key, import this flow to get the current weather forecast into a string in your PAC Controller. (Don’t forget to make your string the max length of 1024 characters in PAC Control—you wouldn’t want to chop off any of the forecast text).

[{“id”:“dc57bc27.c10a5”,“type”:“wunderground”,“z”:“de0a2fc7.0e68e”,“name”:“Temecula today forecast”,“lon”:"",“lat”:"",“city”:“Temecula”,“country”:“California”,“x”:345,“y”:37,“wires”:[[“dfd5a1b3.932ae”]]},{“id”:“acf2c9bd.2a11d8”,“type”:“inject”,“z”:“de0a2fc7.0e68e”,“name”:“1 hour”,“topic”:"",“payload”:"",“payloadType”:“date”,“repeat”:“3600”,“crontab”:"",“once”:false,“x”:99,“y”:41,“wires”:[[“dc57bc27.c10a5”]]},{“id”:“dfd5a1b3.932ae”,“type”:“pac-write”,“z”:“de0a2fc7.0e68e”,“device”:“47fe29ec.29b8e8”,“dataType”:“string-variable”,“tagName”:“weather_forecast”,“tableStartIndex”:"",“value”:“payload.forecast”,“valueType”:“msg”,“name”:“Write to single string”,“x”:607,“y”:36.5,“wires”:[[]]},{“id”:“47fe29ec.29b8e8”,“type”:“pac-device”,“z”:"",“address”:“”,“protocol”:“http”}]

Now, change the city, add your API key, and that node is done.

If this is your first PAC node, you will need to configure it. Check out for a nice walk-through on how to do that.

I display this nice forecast string in my home groov project. It keeps everyone in the loop for what the weather is going to be.

Hint: Make sure you set the refresh period to something sensible. You only get 500 calls a day and there are a few other calls that you might like to make. You don’t want to use up all your API calls just on a forecast string that may not change all that much.