View Scratchpad Values in groov Manage

If you want to check your scratchpad on the EPIC one method would be to use a strategy to copy the scratchpad values into PAC control variables, and then display those variables with some gadgets in a groov View screen. This works great, especially if you need to see them constantly, but if you ever want to quickly check a scratchpad area without setting all that up, here’s a way you can do it with groov Manage using the Generic MMP interface:

To get to this screen go to your I/O menu, select I/O Unit Configuration and Tools, then click Generic MMP.
Once you’re there just put in the base address of the value you want (int32s start at 0xF0D8 1000), choose the data type, display format, how many values to fetch, and that’s it!

The memory addresses for the int32, string, and float scratchpad areas can be found in the OptoMMP Protocol Guide in the Scratch Pad—Read/Write section, and are pasted at the end of this post so you can just copy+paste from there.

In this example I used a strategy to put the value 22 into the scratchpad integer at index 0, and the value 44 into the integer at index 5 – as you can see above.

If you want to you can also specify the exact index to get just that value. For example, I can copy 0xF0D8 1014 for index 5 above, put that in the address, then using length 1 I can still see the int 44 at index 5:

Happy coding!

Memory Addresses:

string = 0xF0D8 3000
float  = 0xF0D8 2000
int32  = 0xF0D8 1000