Uploading an strategy from an R2 or R1 controller

Hi everybody.

it is possible to upload the strategy from a PAC to a Computer?

I read in the forum that if the strategy is archived in the controller this can be done.

I checked and it says Archived: yes, but when i right click the device and choose uopolad it says: “This devince does not currently contain an strategy archive”.

Here it is an screenshoot of the status screen and the error given,

Hi Mino,

Keep in mind that our Product Support Group is here for questions like this, please email them if you require any more help…
For out of business hours support, the OptoKnowledgeBase Articles are gold… For example, a quick search in them for the word ‘archive’ turned up this KB;

It is exactly the issue you are having.

If you need any further help, support@opto22.com will be the go.