Upload Strategy from Engine?

How do I upload a strategy from a control engine to my computer?

You can ONLY do that if your strategy archive is down there (that’s an option in your strategy). See this discussion on using PAC Terminal to upload that archive, etc.

… that might be a problem… The last strategy update had a problem downloading the archive to the engine… and my computer had a hiccup and didn’t save the strategy to the HD… (I know, what are the odds?) All I have is the previous version… So without the archive saved to the engine a programmer could potentially be SOL? Even though the strategy is saved to flash? :frowning:

… Now I have to rebuild from memory…

Is there a way to manually upload an archive if the initial load fails?

Without an archive on your PC or controller, you are So Outta Luck. Sorry about that. What’s in flash/etc. (besides the archive) is the compiled strategy, just a bunch of ones and zeros. Hopefully you didn’t change much since the last save?