Updating & New Admin User Account

Updating your Epic system from Opto Groov Manage website. Do you need to create a new Admin User Account every time you Update your Epic to the latest version? Or does the Update process clear out the existing Admin User Account?

Short answer. No and no.
No, you don’t need to create it again.
No, the update does not clear them out.

Long answer. It depends.

From firmware version 1.3 we keep the account details if you have the check box turned on.
If you don’t turn ‘back up settings’ on then, yes it will clear all the accounts and so on and you will need to make a new one.
I always make sure my settings are both backed up and retained during an update and it makes it so much faster and cleaner to just log back in with my admin account once its done.

If however, you are upgrading then before 1.3, then yes, you will need make all your accounts again. (Or restore your backup).

Ben, Thanks

Any time line for Groov 15.0? I had heard it would this month sometime.

That’s the plan. Its currently going through our QA cycle.