Updated door access control sample


Is there an updated door access control sample available?

The one available for download is for the ADS Brains and needs to be changed to work with the R1.

It would not be difficult to make the changes, but the download package does not include the source for the .NET app.




Not that I know of.

Anyone out there done any door access with Opto and our SNAP-SCM-W2 (Wiegand) serial module??




Is there any possibility of getting the source for the .NET app?

I don’t have a problem updating it myself and of course I would send the updated version back to you when it is done.




Is this what you are looking for?

Mary and I are not aware of anything for the door access example in .NET…
Pretty sure it was put together before .NET was born.




The sample is from 2005 and .NET has been around since 2003.

So, I just assumed it was in VB.NET.

The sample you linked is the one I’m looking for. However, the source code is not included in the package. I was wondering if it was available.



Hi Jim,

Its around 13mb in size when zipped. Please drop me an email borchard at opto 22 dot com and let me know how to get it to you.




Really don’t want to disturb a closed topic. I got my problem solved here so wanna say thanks… Keep up the good work.

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