Turning on a Debug Node Forces a Deployment

I’ve noticed that in earlier versions of Node-RED (16.2) when I turn a Debug node on and off I don’t have to re-deploy. In my current version (17.4), even if I breath hard on it I have to re-deploy. Is there a way to toggle this? Not the end of the world but it’s annoying then you’re trying to debug something.


I see the blue bubble, but it works as expected.
Are you finding you have to deploy before you get the debug node to work?

It still works but the Deploy panel is red and I get the blue bubble so I end up deploying anyway. It’s more an annoyance than anything else. I just wonder why it was changed. It’s nice to be able to turn the debug nodes on and off without having to hit Deploy and clean up the Debug window when your immersed in trying to figure something out