TPO and Counter in Modules


Did I miss something? Where is TPO feature on the Epic output Modules?

Where is the Counter feature on the Epic Input modules?


I think they just released a firmware and system update for a TPO issue.
You might check the downloads page…


Thanks Norm, I’ll take a look.

They do not say anything about either of these features in any of the docs.

I have been doing some bids using snap versus Epic pricing. Looks like Snap still has a price advantage at small IO numbers and Epic starts to kick in on price once you start using a moderate amount of IO.


Yes, I installed an epic recently and opened a couple of tickets on it. I will see how future updates deal with some of these. As we know some users call certain functions “bugs” yet a developer may see it as a “feature”. Just depends on where you are and how you use it :slight_smile:


Well I see that if you look, as you suggested, in the FW Readme files of the modules, it talks about TPO.

This is for you Ben, they need to include all the features of all the modules in the data sheets. Right now, it appears they do not. Can’t determine (especially if you haven’t used them) if you’re going to use Epic in a project if you can’t tell what it can do…