Teaming Network NIC on EPIC


I didn’t find a way to team NIC on the Epic; but is it possible via SSH? I guess we should disable the standard fw and use iptable for that purpose.


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I am wondering what problem you are wanting to solve here?
Each NIC on the EPIC is gigabit, so rather fast. Given the process automation role of the EPIC, are you looking for greater bandwidth or redundancy?

Also keep in mind that by teaming the two interfaces you are going to lose a massive security advantage of the EPICs dual network interfaces.

Lastly it is also very possible that the required libraries are not in the repository… So even with SSH access, you may not have the tools you need to get the two interfaces bonded.

If you could take a moment to describe to us what problem you are tying to solve, it might help a path forward become clear.


I understand and that make sense. I cannot really explain why this is a requirement, but it is. This is a public tender, and usually, they make their analysis on a spreadsheet… You have to comply :wink:

Speed is not a necessity and if it was, it should be bonding requested and not teaming. My understanding is that they want redundant network as other existing plc on site are redundant S7-400.

Talking about security, if we unlock the SSH and install the necessary package, then we’ll use iptables rules.

Let me know if you have enough info…

Thanks for the extra information. Very helpful.

The SSH license is free.

So I would get one and see if you can get setup.