Table(s) in Display Configurator

In Display configurator is it possible for a three column table to display three separate sections of 1 table and allow editing? For instance:

Table Oven_Profile[0] - [9] Contains Ramp setpoints

Table Oven_Profile[10] - [19] Contains Ramp rates in Deg/Min

Table Oven_Profile[20] - [29] Contains Dwell times for each ramp

I would like to display them like this:

Setpoint , Rate, Dwell
[0], [10], [20]
[1], [11], [21]
[2], [12], [22]
[3], [13], [23]
[4], [14], [24]
[5], [15], [25]

[9], [19], [29]

I want to only have to create 1 table for this profile and display it in a way the operator can understand and edit if needed.

I thought I had it displaying properly but it would only let me edit column 1 ([0] - [9])
Thanks for your help!!

Hi Adam,

Welcome to the Forums.

Two options as I see it.

  1. Move the data into a new table in the order that you want, put that new table in PAC Display.
    (I am not a fan of option 1).

  2. Build a graphic layout just like you did in the first part of your forum post and attach each table element to a text object.
    This way the operator can view and edit each variable in a very natural clear format.