Sort table Subroutine

//This code takes an input table and the number of elements in that table and populates an output table that contains the input table values in sorted orde
for i = 0 to NumberOfElements - 1 step 1 //Number of elements is 1 based for an intuitive entry in the passed parameter. Subtract 1 for the zero based table
//initialie all counters
l = 0; //Lower than
s = 0; //Same as

for j = 0 to NumberOfElements - 1 step 1
if (unsorted_Table [i] > unsorted_table [j]) then
l= l+1; //count the Number of array elemts less than the cunrrent element of intrest
//This indicates the position of the sorted array that this number will occupy.

elseif(unsorted_Table [i] == unsorted_table [j]) then
s = s+1; //Count the Number of array elemts that are the same as the cunrrent element of intrest
// This gives the number of times that the sorted array will repeat the number

k = l; //Set the position in the sorted array that the current number will occupy

//Note: this (repeat loop) section can be removed if only unique values are desired in the output table.
repeat //populate the sorted array at the proper position with consideration to the number of times tat a number is repeated.
Sorted_Table[k] = unsorted_Table [i];

until (k == (l + s));

Thanks K-rad!

I’m reminded of another sort subroutine kindly donated previously for sorting [I]string [/I]tables. Here’s a link:
But it looks like this logic could work for both integers and floats, which could be very handy, thank you!

Good job using lots of comments, extra points for that. As you may know from this video, good comments are #1 on my list of favorite things to see in code.

Don’t forget, you can enter as often as you like, so keep the entries coming!

Thanks again for sharing your code.