SoftPac - Can it be use the Ping Chart?

I am trying to use the “PING” strategy file using a SoftPac. It does not seem to be working as it is not an option for selecting as a (self) Local I/O rack in PacControl Pro, without actually configuring any I/O.

Does SoftPac have the same memory areas implemented on it as an R1-Controller?


Hi Skyfox,

If you check out pages 3-4 of doc 2020, the SoftPAC Data sheet, you will see that SoftPAC only includes scratch pad areas, not the whole mem-map.


Thanks Ben,

Can Softpac be used for Ping’ing external EB-1 Modules, HMI, etc., Using this scrtach pad memory?

What I am desperately wanting is a definitive method to check if a remote rack is on-line (i.e. Communicating via ethernet).


Hi skyfox,

No, you can’t use SoftPAC to do that PING method I mentioned, the mem map locations needed for that are NOT part of the scratch pad area.

Check out the I/O Unit condition “I/O Unit Ready?” instead. (In the help for PAC Control, or form 1701).

Also remember that product support is FREE! (best way to reach them: