Snap-pac-s2 newer version

Hi everyone
Question: we do have a S2 controller with firmware R8.1a running on PAC control
version R8.1c
we want to upgrade to PAC control 9.6
is it posible???
I’m asking you guys because one of my techs told me that this controller wont take version 9.6
thank you

I don’t know for sure, but I think your tech has the right idea, but backwards…
New controllers can’t take old firmware. Here is the KB covering that one;

I’m pretty sure you can jump forward in firmware versions all you like.

so it is just of matter of download the latest firmware to the S2 controller and download the strategy
with our new 9.9 opto control version right?

Well, I would not jump to 10.x firmware and run PAC Project 9.6 if that’s what you are asking…
I would get the 9.5 firmware off the FTP site and run that with PAC Project 9.6.
(Why are you staying on PAC Project 9.6?)

But honestly, at this point, I would be talking to our support folks and getting their input.

I’m staying on 9.6 because thats the one my IT department purchased see it is complicated
I’m a contractor for the government and we use what they got so resuming
S2 with 9.5 firmware and OPTO CONTROL 9.6
I would love to change everything to GROOV but is not happening for now