SNAP-PAC-S2 is dead

I have a snap-pac-s2 that I just configured two weeks ago. It is set up on my desk in the office. Today, I tried to power it up and it is dead. There are no lights. I hit the reset and still nothing. My power supply is putting out 24 VDC. I hook up another snap-pac-s2 and it is working fine. I have a snap-pac-s2 in the field that I used the same power supply with it. The power supply is an Acopian VTD15-160.
Thank you.

Please contact our product support group for this. support at opto22 dot com
They will arrange an RMA (Return manufacture authorization) and any warranty issues.

Its very very very unusual for this sort of thing to happen and I know our RMA department would like to take a look at it.

I have one similar instance happened, and it was the board that was faulty.

Thank you. Mine has a blown capacitor and fuse and is a non-warranty repair. I guess my Acopian power supply that I have been using on all of my Snap-Pacs caused the issue. Thank you again. Kelly