SNAP_PAC_R2 request time out


Hi all, may I know why the SNAP PAC R2 controller will lost connection from time to time? and it was happened around 2-3 sec.



Something with your network, or some contention in your charts.

Does every single one of your charts have a delay in every single loop? This is a must.
Regarding your network, you should work with your IT guys to ensure better connectivity.


Yes, there is a 2 msec delay on every single loop. Is that sufficient?


by the way, i’m not running any control chart in the controller. I was using softpac on my workstation instead.

and i notice the controller stat LED turn red while i lost the controller connection. After the stat LED turned red, the controller will then restart itself.


Check for 5.1 volts on the rack to the controller.


Yes, i have checked on that before.

Coincidence, I have a SNAP PAC EB2 at site, and it works fine after i swapped it.

My next step will be replacing another SNAP PAC R2 controller.