SNAP PAC control engine internal battery monitor

Hello to everyone,
I have a task to monitor a SNAP PAC control engine internal 3VDC battery voltage and bring it on PC Display. I’ve tried to get an idea from the OPTO22 manuals and that forum but without luck. Did any body faced with similar issue in his experience? Thank you in advance for any help or idea.

Hello pathfinder,

Unlike some of our older controllers, SNAP PAC controllers do not have a command to monitor that battery voltage. However, you might not need it since, for PAC-R series controllers manufactured after 2007, the battery recharges itself. See Tech Note 1910:

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Hello OptoMary,
Thank you for your reply with really helpful information.

FYI, if you’re working with a SNAP PAC S-series controller, including wireless and FM versions, the situation is similar. Here’s backup battery info from the specs.

SNAP-PAC-S1s with serial number 625654 or higher and all SNAP-PAC-S2s: Rechargeable (recharges whenever the brain has power), 1-year power-off data retention

SNAP-PAC-S1s with serial number 625653 or lower: User-replaceable 3.6-volt TL 5242 /W lithium, 10-year minimum power-off data retention (replacement part number: G4BATT32)